Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond
1 Season . 10 Episodes

Explore everything from the histories of trance channeling to the possibilities of quantum entanglement with experts like Darryl Anka (Bashar), Sheila Gillette (THEO), Matias De Stefano, and more in this exclusive Gaia Original series. Follow series to get notifications about each new episode.

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Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond (Preview)

Channelers, oracles, seers, shamans, mediums, and enlightened beings – what do they have in common, and what can we learn from their messages? From the histories of trance channeling to the possibilities of quantum entanglement, explore the links between these bridges to the beyond. With experts across disciplines investigating these historic phenomena and channels offering direct communication and insight, experience the research and witness the connections in this comprehensive docuseries diving deep into the heart of channeling.

Featuring: Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D., Shaman Durek, Mitch Horowitz, Sheila Gillette, Darryl Anka, Matías De Stefano, Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR, Laura Alden Kamm, Kaedrich Olsen, Dave Campbell, Jude Currivan, Ph.D., Bree Melanson, Aaron Abke
Episode 1
26 mins
Are channelers, shamans, oracles, and mediums accessing the same field of higher consciousness? Investigate collective consciousness and witness the phenomenon of channeling with the world’s top experts and experiencers.
Episode 2
27 mins
With so many forms of mysticism and varying ideologies, could it be possible we are giving different names to similar phenomena? Detailing the intricacies of being a conduit, experts offer insight on differentiating terminology for ineffable experiences.
Episode 3
27 mins
How do spirits get lost in realms beyond the veil? Investigate spirit guides, Ouija boards, pendulums, and near-death experiences, as experts share how we can elevate our frequencies to contact lost souls and create positive paranormal experiences.
Episode 4
27 mins
Are channelers connecting with aspects of their higher selves? From quantum physics and entanglements to the neuroscience of what happens in a channeler's brain, the world’s leading experts investigate these spiritual practices and compare experiences.
Episode 5
26 mins
What are the connections between intuition, ESP, and channeling? From remote viewing to medical intuition, our experts share how inner voices guide us from outer worlds or from within.
Episode 6
25 mins
How is the third eye connected with channeling? Through an examination of our pineal glands and shamanism, learn how we can access different dimensions and states of consciousness. Experts and experiencers discuss chakra systems and frequencies of being.
Episode 7
26 mins
How are revolutionary movements linked with humanity’s potential for channeling? From prophetic Oracles of Delphi to Renaissance spy John Dee, experts share how different explore movements that have shaped our understanding of the channeling phenomenon.
Episode 8
25 mins
What happens when non-believers experience profound voices and become channels? Learn how humans do not need to believe in miracles to experience them. Explore the historic works of Helen Schucman (A Course in Miracles) and Jane Roberts (Seth Material).
Episode 9
29 mins
Are channelers making contact with extraterrestrial entities, and if so, can they choose or even refuse contact? Explore possibilities beyond Earth as experts chronicle the Law of One (Ra Material) and galactic connections with Bashar and also Pleiadians.
Episode 10
26 mins
How are trance channelers able to communicate in languages foreign to them? The answer could lie in flow states, or the states of bliss that promote evidence of a unified field of consciousness.