Close to Om

Andrea Marcum
1 Season, 2 Episodes
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Close To OM with Andrea Marcum is a series that reveals how we do our yoga is how we do our life. Andrea uses poses as a gateway to dig deep into the head, hands and heart of your practice. Sure, working your muscles feels immediate and palpable. Almost instantly you feel like you are inviting progress in some way. BUT if you’re going to truly liberate yourself, focusing only on your body will not be enough.

The progression of these Close To OM practices are:

Transform: Unlike Andrea's quiet and soft Awaken and Unite bookends, this is a rigorous flow class with modifications for newer students and opportunities for arm balances. Andrea uses postures to help you Transform and hopefully find that in your asana, as in life, obstacles can be opportunities.

Unite: You might say the emphasis in Awaken and Transform is mind and body whereas on this leg of our journey with Andrea we Unite with spirit. This practice is more about meditation and awareness than it is a workout or flow. This practice starts with restorative postures and makes its way to a beautiful metta mediation.