Damanhur: Journey Through Time
Season 2 . 9 Episodes

The Damanhur Federation is a collection of spiritual communities that have gathered to form a sustainable community in Northwestern Italy. Their mission is to explore a practical sense of spirituality so that everyone’s everyday life can become an expression of their soul’s mission.

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S2:Ep1, Structure of Time (Preview)
Damanhur: Journey Through Time (Trailer)
Episode 1
27 mins
Expand your perception of time with Crotalo Sesamo as he introduces the concepts of time spheres, tree of time, and parallel timelines. Although our five senses only detect one timeline, our souls exist in multiple realities connected by synchronicity.
Episode 2
29 mins
Time packages are distinct durations of all possible events that can transpire during a specific timeframe. Crotalo Sesamo explains how sacred geometry and the rhythm of numbers help us understand the complexity of time and evolutionary events.
Episode 3
30 mins
Explore the geography of time with Crotalo Sesamo as he explains how time fluctuates at different speeds and can encounter vortexes, islands, fractions and time castles. These ideas offer new perspectives in how we perceive geography and time travel.
Episode 4
33 mins
The subject of time travel has finally moved from science fiction to scientific possibility. Crotalo Sesamo describes the three main modalities of time travel, the complexities involved, and the enormous amount of energy that it takes to time jump.
Episode 5
29 mins
To protect our planet from a future catastrophe, a new timeline was created that depends on our individual awakening.
Episode 6
28 mins
Our future depends on protecting a new timeline with a much-needed planetary paradigm shift.
Episode 7
29 mins
Crotalo Sesamo introduces us to even more new concepts of time.
Episode 8
28 mins
Crotalo Sesamo reveals how we can use free will to awaken our inner guide and move us toward enlightenment.
Episode 9
27 mins
Journey through the underground chambers of The Temple of Mankind, a place of pilgrimage, art, technology, connection, and time travel.