Damanhur: Journey Through Time
Season 1 . 5 Episodes

The Damanhur Federation is a collection of spiritual communities that have gathered to form a sustainable community in Northwestern Italy. Their mission is to explore a practical sense of spirituality so that everyone’s everyday life can become an expression of their soul’s mission.

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S1:Ep1, The Spiritual Mission of Damanhur (Preview)
Damanhur: Journey Through Time (Trailer)
Episode 1
51 mins
We are living in a time that could easily become a new golden age of mankind and we need to be ready to take hold of this opportunity. Crotalo Sesamo, an ambassador from the Damanhur Federation talks with Jay Weidner about their perspectives on time, human potential, and the spiritual mission of Damanhur.
Episode 2
31 mins
If we could find away to bridge the gap in time with Atlantis, we could bring forward lessons that would change the course of human evolution. Crotalo Sesamo explains Damanhur’s findings on Atlantis and how they can accelerate humankind’s capacity to evolve and create a new golden age.
Episode 3
1 hr 20 mins
Just before the fall, the people of Atlantis faced a crisis of values; similar to what we are experiencing today. To avoid a similar fate, each of us must look inside to discover the true meaning of who we really are and recover the true values of our lives.
Episode 4
1 hr
As a civilization, Atlantis reached the pinnacle of human achievement in spirituality and technology. That all came crashing down when the leaders began to rule with their egos. Have we learned from these lessons from Atlantis or will we be doomed to repeat their mistakes with the same catastrophic consequences?
Episode 5
45 mins
From the Hall of Water, through the Labyrinth and into the Hall of Mirrors, we explore not only the art and architecture of the Temples of Humankind, but the energy that courses throughout the structure. Crotalo Sesamo takes us on a photographic tour of the Temples of Humankind as he explains its history and construction.