The Gods were Astronauts
1 Season . 29 Episodes

The legend and life’s-work of the world-famous author, Erich von Däniken, is featured in our exciting new Gaia series "The Gods were Astronauts".

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Gaia is proud to present the legend and world-famous author, Erich von Däniken, in this exciting new series: "The Gods were Astronauts," where he presents his life’s work in German, with English subtitles.

Von Däniken convincingly suggests that intelligent supernatural influences have influenced early human cultures and thus made the "ancient astronaut" hypotheses popular. He takes us beyond the myths and legends which have influenced our view of history.

From the buildings of the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge to the ancient works of art and written representations of astronauts and flying technologies, Erich von Däniken explains that the origin of religions is nothing more than depictions of contact with alien beings. He offers explanations from the Bible and the Indian Vedas to substantiate his ideas. Erich von Däniken shows us a different view of the world in "The Gods Were Astronauts" and thus offers us a fascinating perspective on the monuments of the past, which has defined our history.

Episode 1
30 mins
Erich von Däniken reports on his method for extensive historical research, which led him to the realization that the God of ancient civilizations was most likely extraterrestrial life visiting our planet, and erecting megalithic structures such as the pyramids.
Episode 2
20 mins
Could the locations of ancient civilizations have been determined by an extraterrestrial power?
Episode 3
22 mins
Were the ancient gods of the Mayan world extraterrestrial human beings?
Episode 4
26 mins
Were ancient cultures exposed to advanced extraterrestrial technology?
Episode 5
24 mins
Were ancient paintings and monuments influenced by an extraterrestrial civilization?
Episode 6
28 mins
Do passages from the Old Testament tell of extraterrestrial civilizations guiding burgeoning human cultures?
Episode 7
28 mins
Is there scientific proof of the dangers and miracles attributed to the Ark of the Covenant?
Episode 8
27 mins
Was the great pyramid built by an advanced culture which the ancient Egyptians revered as gods?
Episode 9
25 mins
Did Ezekiel travel with extraterrestrial beings from the future?
Episode 10
23 mins
Did the ancient gods genetically manipulate the animals of Earth to create strange hybrid creatures which could survive hostile environments on other planets?
Episode 11
25 mins
Did ancient cultures carve giant signs into the ground to catch the attention of the gods flying high above them?
Episode 12
27 mins
What are some of the most enigmatic secrets hidden in ancient stone age structures, that are just being discovered, today?
Episode 13
27 mins
Did the ancient Mayans leave us proof that they had contact with an extraterrestrial civilization?
Episode 14
24 mins
Who built ancient megalithic sites in South America, how and why?
Episode 15
25 mins
Why are so many ancient sacred sites perfectly aligned with each other, using principles from sacred geometry?
Episode 16
25 mins
How could the Dogon tribe in central Africa, living in stone houses, know of the binary-star system of Sirius?
Episode 17
26 mins
Do the sacred practices of indigenous cultures and ancient traditions preserve the history of a time when the extraterrestrial gods walked among us?
Episode 18
27 mins
Why was the Book of Enoch left out of the Old Testament and what is Enoch’s connection with the Great Pyramid of Giza?
Episode 19
26 mins
Could it be that the God and angels of the old testament are not the grand spirits that many people believe them to be, but rather extraterrestrial beings?
Episode 20
26 mins
What gave rise to the life on our planet, in the time before the ancient gods came to our world?
Episode 21
25 mins
What connection did King Solomon have to extraterrestrial beings?
Episode 22
26 mins
What do Fatima, Portugal, the city of Lourdes, France and Guadalupe in Mexico have in common?
Episode 23
29 mins
We have explored many arcane accounts of extraterrestrial visitations, but are they still here?
Episode 24
26 mins
Erich von Däniken unveils three mysteries from the ancient world, demonstrating the practical application of advanced knowledge in technology, science and mathematics.
Episode 25
25 mins
Erich von Däniken explores strange structures and statues scattered across the southern waters of the Pacific Ocean, on isolated islands stretching from Asia to South America.
Episode 26
31 mins
Is there evidence that extraterrestrials were a part of South American cultures in ancient times?
Episode 27
26 mins
What is the Chavin de Huantar and who built this ancient temple?
Episode 28
26 mins
Erich von Däniken shares his personal philosophy underlying his life-long pursuit to understand our origins.
Episode 29
42 mins
The profound information as presented by Erich von Däniken has left us with many questions concerning our origins and the motivations of extraterrestrial beings who gave rise to human civilizations.