Galactic Messages
1 Season . 12 Episodes TV-PG

In the Galactic Messages series, Gosia Duszak unveils her direct written communications with Swaruu of Erra, a Taygetan from the Pleiadian star system.

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Galactic Messages (Preview)

In the Galactic Messages series, Gosia Duszak unveils her direct written communications with Swaruu of Erra, a Taygetan from the Pleiadian star system. Sharing information and knowledge in various areas of human and extraterrestrial reality in order to give back to the people the knowledge obscured on Earth for millenia. Through these conversations Swaruu uncovers the potential of souls to evolve and escape the 3D matrix that was imposed upon 5D Earth more than 12,500 years ago as the result of an interstellar war, and maintained by the manipulated human collective mind.

Host: Gosia Duszak
Featuring: Swaruu of Erra
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish
32 mins TV-PG
Who are the Taygetans? Swaruu of Erra was one of many Taygetans in our solar system assisting humanity´s mental liberation. Swaruu reveals to Gosia Duszak that her people are kin to humans as both races are descendants of the Lyra star system.
35 mins TV-PG
How do ancient computers within the Moon control the 3D matrix we experience on Earth? Explaining the 12,500-year history of an intergalactic conflict between species, Swaruu of Erra shares with Gosia Duszak that the Taygetan crew are interacting with Earth to help our expansion into higher mental states.
32 mins TV-PG
What are the differences between dimensions and densities? As Swaruu of Erra communicates to contactee Gosia Duszak, densities refer to differing frequencies; cycles-per-second of oscillations within the atomic structure of matter.
31 mins TV-PG
If black holes are portals and suns are exit points, how do they work? Contactee Gosia Duszak and Taygetan Swaruu of Erra detail the functional geometry of these portals in relation to the gradients of frequencies in our universe.
31 mins TV-PG
Has the human genome been modified to keep humanity under control? According to Swaruu of Erra, genes are an expression developed by consciousness — a materialization of intentions.
32 mins TV-PG
Could humanity exist in a matrix within a matrix, a dream within a dream? Swaruu of Erra clarifies it’s possible for two correct yet contradicting explanations to exist, plus all the combinations between.
27 mins TV-PG
How does the history of humanity connect to multi-level matrices? Discussing humanity’s history from ancient Egyptian pharaohs to the Old Testament of the Bible functioning as an account of Atlantis, Swaruu of Erra offers “Multi-D” insight to Gosia Duszak.
29 mins TV-PG
What perspectives can Taygetans offer humans about our origins and the connections between ETs, our religions, and the cosmos? Revealing in-depth details about the lineages of different ET species with Earth contactee Gosia Duszak, Swaruu of Erra charts the connections between star systems and entire family trees of ETs.
28 mins TV-PG
What perspectives can Taygetans offer humanity about life after death? Is it possible where we come from when we are born is the same place as where we go to when we die? Swaruu of Erra shares her expanded understanding of the Universe with Gosia Duszak regarding what individuals experience beyond this life. According to Swaruu, all souls are fragments of Source choosing to experience existence, so each individual projects what they witness while dying according to their own consciousness.
26 mins TV-PG
Who built the pyramids of Giza, how did they do it, and why? Swaruu of Erra answers these questions and more for Gosia Duszak, exploring the lost history of Earth pyramids. Explaining the complex nature of these constructions, Swaruu shares how sound and vibration were used to liquefy and levitate stones by a conglomerate of cooperative races of the Federation.
30 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Swaruu of Erra
What is it about the pyramids that helps evolve consciousness? From ancient origins of the Great Pyramid to the spiral energies within, Swaruu of Erra explains to Gosia Duszak how the pyramids are portals for consciousness, capable of inducing astral travel that leaves individuals evolved, with a greater connection to the cosmos.
17 mins TV-PG
In this intro to Gaia’s new special series Galactic Messages, ETs are in contact with humanity unlike ever before. Gosia Duszak was put into contact with Swaruu of Erra, one of many Taygetans on an interstellar mission to help aid humanity’s expansion and freedom from limiting beliefs and suppressed knowledge.