Who Are the Taygetans?
Galactic Messages with Gosia Duszak

Who are the Taygetans? Swaruu of Erra is one of many Taygetans in our solar system assisting humanity's mental liberation. Swaruu reveals to Gosia Duszak that her people are kin to humans as both races are descendants of the Lyra star system. Swaruu explains her task force has amassed in our corner of the Milky Way over the last century to help humans break free of 3D manipulation. Hailing from the planets Erra and Temmer orbiting the star Taygeta in the M45 star system of Pleiades – the Taygetans have traveled 422 lightyears to help Earth souls evolve and escape 3D limitations.

Host: Gosia Duszak
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish