Matrix Manipulations from the Moon
Galactic Messages with Gosia Duszak

How do ancient computers within the Moon control the 3D matrix we experience on Earth? Explaining the 12,500-year history of an intergalactic conflict between species, Swaruu of Erra shares with Gosia Duszak that the Taygetan crew are interacting with Earth to help our expansion into higher mental states. According to Swaruu, 99% of the Milky Way galaxy is in fifth density, including Earth, however, a 3D Matrix frequency suppressing technology, projected from the Moon and sustained by the collective human mentality, maintains the population in a lower vibratory state. Swaruu says that this projection was the result of the Federation attempt to contain the Reptilians from leaving Earth, which has led to the hacking of this technology by the same Reptilian beings, who managed to use it in their favor, mind controlling the humans instead -- until this very day.

Host: Gosia Duszak
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish