Islands of Inner Peace
Season 2 . 13 Episodes

Experience an innovative way to life-enhancing benefits while connecting with what matters most. With calming music, wise words and breathtaking nature imagery, these mindfulness films provide islands of peace in the “oceans” of stress during these overwhelming times.

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Islands of Inner Peace (Trailer)
Episode 1
9 mins
Playing small does not serve the world, Marianne Williamson reminds us. We are all meant to shine.
Episode 2
7 mins
How would God answer our questions about existence? Interviewing God, a poem by James J. Lachard, is a profoundly insightful conversation with Source.
Episode 3
12 mins
Tap into the inexhaustible goodness of your divine being with this meditation from Reverend Michael Beckwith. ‘Yes, I am. Yes, I can. Yes, I will. Yes, I am able.”
Episode 4
8 mins
Dive into this immersive, multi-sensory invitation into the ‘wilderness of the present moment”, where the radical now becomes the only context in which life is worth living.
Episode 5
14 mins
In one of the last recordings from the late globally respected Ayurvedic healer, Dr. Pankaj Naram, you are given a subliminal superconscious pep talk to remind you that we are all truly unstoppable, at the core.
Episode 6
6 mins
To reverse the tendency we all have to over-engage with the exterior world, we invite you to listen carefully to the quiet meditations of your own astonishingly efficient and tender heart.
Episode 7
10 mins
Will you have the courage to be the best version of yourself when it’s needed? Visionary Lynne Twist reminds you that courage is always available, waiting for you to claim it.
Episode 8
10 mins
Can we hear the voice of Gaia? Sarah McCrum speaks to these precarious times to inspire us to co-create a thriving world.
Episode 9
12 mins
How can we co-create a new Earth? As you look through this visionary portal described by Sarah McCrum, a new way forward illuminates a generative vision where you can honor diversity, cultivate cooperation, and experience respect for all life.
Episode 10
10 mins
In this meditation from Sarah McCrum, allow yourself to open your heart and your soul, unfolding into the natural expression of the unique and extraordinary being that you are.
Episode 11
8 mins
Featuring one of the most beloved of American rabbis, Zalman Schacter Shalomi, we listen in to an intimate conversation filled with a profound gratitude for the preciousness of life.
Episode 12
7 mins
Living life without feeling love from those who love you is like watching a rose turning away from the sunlight that sustains it.When we let the love in, we awaken our innate purpose with a remembrance of who we are and what matters most.
Episode 13
9 mins
In a powerful multi-sensory journey, Sarah McCrum brings your attention to the infinite light within our consciousness.