Mari Winsor‘s Flat Abs Pilates
1 Season . 3 Episodes

Sculpt a lean, firm core with Mari Winsor’s Flat Abs Pilates.

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Flat Abs Workout (Preview)

Master Pilates instructor Mari Winsor targets your midsection and core in these two 20-minute workouts. Strengthen your powerhouse and get a smaller waist, flatter abs and a longer, leaner look.

Flat Abs Pilates Workout features over 17 ab-sculpting moves sequenced to give you a core conditioning burn.

Abs Definition targets your abs from a variety of angles to hit every ab zone for a sleek, flat midsection.

Host: Mari Winsor
Episode 1
22 mins
Mari Winsor will guide you through this workout designed to strengthen your powerhouse while you get a small waist, flat abs and a long, lean look.
Episode 2
23 mins
Join Mari Winsor in a targeted toning abdominal workout designed to slim your middle from every direction, and zero in on those hard-to-reach core muscles.
Episode 3
13 mins
Join Mari Winsor in a bonus total body Pilates workout.