Matias De Stefano: The Journey of Remembering

Matias De Stefano
1 Season, 3 Episodes
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A soul mission that started thousands of years ago began again with the birth of an extraordinary Indigo child in Venado Tuerto, Argentina in 1987. Since early childhood, Initiation host Matias De Stefano has had perfect past-life recall of incarnations spanning thousands of years throughout many galaxies. In this incredible 3-part Gaia exclusive docu-series, we follow along with him as he recounts the wild events, synchronistic experiences, and curious quests that his spirit guides used as training ground to uncover his life’s purpose through one small, trusting step at a time. From childhood drawings on his bedroom walls to planetary chakra activations around the globe, we get a glimpse into his hero’s journey that has been unlocking the missions within each of us to awaken our full potential. Discover how this journey is activating thousands of people and places, evolving into a global movement.