The Journey of Remembering
Season 2 . 7 Episodes

Could Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur, be lodged within the Earth's core, depleting its magnetic field? Join Matías as he connects with the wise Merlins and leads a group of initiates along the sacred path of stone circles through Great Britain's chakra system.

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S2:Ep1, 12,000-Year Reset & Awakening (Preview)
The Journey of Remembering (Trailer)
Episode 1
20 mins
At the intersection of his soul’s journey and a global awakening, 2022 was the start of a 12,000-year reset for Matías De Stefano.
Episode 2
26 mins
Millions of years ago, a cataclysmic event broke the Earth’s heart. The time has come to heal that ancient wound.
Episode 3
28 mins
Matías De Stefano's journey continues to the UK, exploring stone circles and sacred sites infused with powerful feminine energies. Initiates tread a path where poison transforms into medicine, embarking on a mission to restore the Earth's magnetic field.
Episode 4
20 mins
The journey through the UK continues with Matías De Stefano leading the group to Stonehenge. Not only is Stonehenge revered as the most significant of all the stone circles, but it also symbolizes the root chakra, serving as a gateway to discovering the "first wound".
Episode 5
20 mins
As the pilgrimage continues through the plexus of Great Britain, Matías De Stefano illuminates the power of detachment and balancing the feminine ego.
Episode 6
22 mins
At Lake District, the group connects with the energy of Castlerigg, where the heart chakra acts as a machine that pulses time and space.
Episode 7
25 mins
As the initiates journey into the eye of Loch Ness and the pineal gland, they unlock their inner vision and creative potential.