Self-Love Yoga With Koya Webb
1 Season . 5 Episodes

Self-love is all about fostering a healthy sense of self-esteem and recognizing your worth. Join Koya Webb for a flow or a meditation that will invigorate the mind and protect the heart.

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Self-Love Yoga With Koya Webb (Preview)

This series highlights the belief that the most important element in health is self-love, and what better way to express this than in an invigorating flow that energizes the body and refreshes the mind. Set the tone of your day by joining in on a Self Love Yoga class.

Teacher: Koya Webb
Episode 1
48 secs
Meet Koya Webb and learn about self-love yoga as a practice.
Episode 2
21 mins
20 minutes is all you need to clear your mind and get the blood flowing to your extremities.
Episode 3
10 mins
If you’re not feeling up to a yoga class, a meditation can also be a great self-love practice.
Episode 4
25 mins
Are you looking for a class with the intention to feel the burn? Join Koya for a self-affirming power flow class.
Episode 5
11 mins
Hip openers are perfect for releasing stored emotions. Join Koya for a flow to help let go of feelings that are crowding your mind and heart.