Teachings of Ram Dass
4 Seasons . 64 Episodes

Teachings of Ram Dass is an exclusive series on Gaia, offering accessible yet profound teachings from Ram Dass, spiritual author and teacher. Each session is a short meditation on a different aspect of universal consciousness and connection.

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Teachings of Ram Dass (Preview)

We invite you to sit with the Teachings of Ram Dass, an exclusive series on Gaia, offering accessible yet profound essential teachings from Ram Dass. Each session is a short meditation on a different aspect of universal consciousness and connection.

Ram Dass was a beloved spiritual author and teacher who pioneered the integration of Eastern philosophies into the fabric of America.

Host: Ram Dass
Episode 1
6 mins
Contemplate the beauty of your life as it is.
Episode 2
4 mins
How do we connect to love in every moment? Ram Dass reminds us that it is always possible to feel love that is not limited, and this love is a constant in the universe.
Episode 3
3 mins
Are you looking for meaning externally instead of discovering your deepest wisdom? Ram Dass guides us in connecting to this deeper wisdom of the universe.
Episode 4
3 mins
In this teaching from Ram Dass, we learn how keeping our hearts open to others means we are also open to universal love, as we connect from one soul to another.
Episode 5
5 mins
Uncertainty can give rise to fear. In this affirmational meditation, Ram Dass speaks of how to progress past our fears, by witnessing and being here now.
Episode 6
6 mins
In this inspiring affirmation, Ram Dass reminds us to accept the loss, and come to healing in time, seeing that we always have a place in the universe.
Episode 7
5 mins
In this teaching, Ram Dass explains that our tendency to attach to negative ideas about ourselves means that we may not see our soul's potential clearly. When we observe the world, unattached to the phenomena we see, then we are truly free.
Episode 8
8 mins
There are two processes in awakening our perception to compassion: a quiet mind and an open heart.
Episode 9
3 mins
What is the highest purpose of your life on earth? Ram Dass teaches that we each have a choice to create our life’s path.
Episode 10
5 mins
Humor is a shifting of perspective. In this meditation on our human nature, Ram Dass explains how we can keep equanimity by maintaining lightness in our perceptions of people and events.
Episode 11
6 mins
In this affirmative meditation, Ram Dass helps to dispel the illusion of separateness that can bring balance to the fear and acceptance within.
Episode 12
6 mins
Many of us have seen how easy it is to hold onto anger and let it be a feeling that rules our thoughts. This is something that Ram Dass is familiar with, too.
Episode 13
6 mins
Can we relate to others outside of the roles we play? In this affirmation, Ram Dass reminds us that we can identify with others beyond our roles to connect with our souls as beings who are on a deeply meaningful life journey.
Episode 14
5 mins
Who do you think you are? Ram Dass explains that your ideas about yourself change what you see within and the world around you.
Episode 15
5 mins
How can we be free from suffering? In this meditation, Ram Dass helps us to see that we can be joyful in the midst of suffering we experience, by doing what we can to be compassionate toward people who are also suffering.
Episode 16
3 mins
How do we reach our goals in our spiritual journeys? In this affirmational meditation, Ram Dass explains that you will be pulled to find the path that you need, and there is no single teacher can help you find your goal.