The Grand Convergence
1 Season . 9 Episodes TV-PG

Gaia is proud to present this original GaiaSphere event, available for Gaia+ Members.

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The Grand Convergence (Preview)

Gaia is proud to present this original GaiaSphere event, available for Gaia+ Members.

Civilization is in a world of crisis, from economic collapse to environmental decay to climate change to hunger, poverty, and war. If today’s headlines make you wonder about the fate of our planet, here is some news that may surprise you: from an evolutionary standpoint, we are exactly where we need to be. Advances in epigenetics, quantum biophysics and fractal geometry reveal civilization is poised on the threshold of a major evolutionary event – Conscious Evolution.

A scientific renaissance has shattered old myths and created a new philosophy of health and spirituality. Cell biologist and bestselling author Bruce H. Lipton unveils revolutionary research on the nature of molecular master switches through which thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs create both the conditions of our body and our life experiences. This knowledge, and the self-empowerment it provides, offers an opportunity to thrive through this turbulent period in our planet’s history. Bruce’s dynamic multimedia presentation provides a bold and hopeful vision of the next “holistic” stage of human civilization—and how each of us can fully participate as co-creators of the world to come.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., cell biologist and award-winning lecturer, is an internationally recognized leader in the “new” biology. Bruce, recipient of Japan’s Goi Peace Award, is the author of the bestselling The Biology of Belief, The Honeymoon Effect, and co-author with Steve Bhaerman of Spontaneous Evolution.

Host: Bruce Lipton
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish
1 hr 37 mins TV-PG
Civilization is at an evolutionary crossroads as we face the human-created 6th Mass Extinction Event. The surprise conclusion for this session pulls the rug out from under conventional science and prepares us to face a new empowering view of who we really are!
1 hr 31 mins TV-PG
The Pyramid of Science illustrates the evolution of Science, which is a lineage of scientific fields. This presentation begins with a discussion of the new math, Fractal Geometry, a math that validates the old saying, “As above, so below.”
1 hr 17 mins TV-PG
This presentation delves into the science behind this famous quote from Albert Einstein, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Quantum physics emphasizes that Universe is made out of one thing, energy.
1 hr 7 mins TV-PG
Bruce answers questions from audience members, in-person and online.
1 hr 5 mins TV-PG
A “new” science reveals that the “skin” of the cell is a carbon-based computer chip and the cell’s nucleus is the equivalent of a hard drive storing gene programs.
1 hr 38 mins TV-PG
This presentation focuses on how the Mind controls the Body. The story emphasizes that the “Mind” is actually comprised of two interdependent elements: The Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind.
1 hr 15 mins TV-PG
Science recognizes that less than 1% of disease is due to defective genes and over 90% of illness is directly linked to stress. This presentation brings to light the mechanisms by which stress compromises our health.
1 hr 15 mins TV-PG
Bruce answers questions from audience members, in-person and online.
1 hr 31 mins TV-PG
The extent of current global crises and chaos is a sign that the planet is engaged in an evolutionary upheaval. Human behavior is challenging the survival of civilization and the whole web of life.