The Other Side
Season 2 . 12 Episodes

Chase encounters with the other side that science cannot see or explain.

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S2:Ep1, Dowsing, Bars & Hypnotherapy (Preview)
The Other Side (Trailer)
Episode 1
23 mins
A transpersonal and metaphysical healer becomes a channel & guide to the other side.
Episode 2
23 mins
Susan Janse Van Rensburg works to help people move on from their traumas and live fulfilling lives.
Episode 3
23 mins
Natalie Buttress asks Peter Planicka to interpret a prophetic dream and get guidance.
Episode 4
23 mins
Hendrik Potgieter and Vicki Frick recount their near-death experiences.
Episode 5
23 mins
Matjiesfontein’s Lord Milner Hotel is haunted by wandering souls lost in time.
Episode 6
23 mins
Charl Pienaar uses modern tech & ancient techniques to reconnect with land energy.
Episode 7
23 mins
To understand encounters with otherworldly beings, Donna Fraenkel turns to Ian MacIntosh.
Episode 8
23 mins
Diana Collins Smith accesses the subconscious mind to look into illnesses & ailments.
Episode 9
23 mins
Folklore, legends & myths have an important role in society for the Attaquas people.
Episode 10
23 mins
As a Sangoma, Kokektso Motale provides traditional healing through dreams & visions.
Episode 11
23 mins
Roulla Van Rensburg receives healing & guidance from Natalie Whyte.
Episode 12
23 mins
With sound bowls and healing massages, Bronwyn and Dinel heal souls & bodies.