The Other Side
2 Seasons . 24 Episodes

Chase encounters with the other side that science cannot see or explain.

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The Other Side (Preview)


Explore other worldliness through highly personal journeys, rituals and experiences of those who chase encounters with the other side that science cannot see or explain. Journey with psychics, spiritual leaders, scientists, and traditional healers... hear their stories and become part of their worlds: there is always the other side to everything.

Episode 1
23 mins
Firewalking, in its simplest form refers to someone walking across a fire with bare feet. However, it is so much more than that. It is a metaphor for conquering fear, conquering oneself and breaking through.
Episode 2
24 mins
How can psilocybin therapy transform your perceptions? Explore a journey to the inward self with a shamanistic practitioner.
Episode 3
23 mins
Our breathing is controlled consciously or unconsciously. Mindfulness and awareness training uses conscious breathing to increase awareness and body consciousness.
Episode 4
23 mins
Can chocolate really heal the heart? Learn about the spiritual power of chocolate, or cacao. Dating back to the 1500’s, Cacao rituals were used for centuries in ancient American cultures.
Episode 5
23 mins
Explore the sweat lodge tradition as a symbol of rebirth. Sweating helps to get the blood flowing, can lead participants to deep meditation, healing, and spiritual wellness.
Episode 6
22 mins
It is believed that studying numbers and number patterns can unlock secrets to the universe, as well as the human mind. How do numbers interlink with our everyday life and experiences?
Episode 7
24 mins
How do psychics make connection? When one hears the term Medium, our brains automatically go to Ouija boards, tarot cards and crystal balls. However, there is more to psychics than we may believe.
Episode 8
23 mins
Breaking chains from your past and present problems is no easy task. Practitioners share how therapy can help to conquer fears and negative emotions, reaching a deeper connection to the inner self.
Episode 9
22 mins
In ancient times, people would travel great distances seeking the wisdom of oracles to tell their future or seek advice. In this episode of The Other Side, we explore the practices of channeling and oracle card reading with Angelique.
Episode 10
22 mins
Can our entire future and past be determined by reading into the energy of the stars and planets? It seems the more one looks into astrology, the more they see that our destiny is woven into the very fabric of the universe itself.
Episode 11
23 mins
How can we learn from Shamanistic Practices to integrate our shadow selves to live our best daily lives? Shamanic healing was the beginning of modern hypnosis as we know it today, using plants, animals, or drumming as a guide.
Episode 12
23 mins
Many rituals and ceremonies have been used for thousands of years by various ancient cultures. Trance dance is amongst the oldest and most revered of these traditions. Through this practice of sacred dance rituals and music, we can alter our consciousness in order to seek healing and higher wisdom.