Afterlife & the Cult of Skepticism

What if an ordinary household voicemail recording actually revealed a hidden message sent from a long-deceased loved one reaching out from the afterlife?

Daniel Drasin joins Regina Meredith to share footage of instrumental transcommunication and Electronic Voice Phenomenon as material proof of direct contact with the dead. See photos of physical beings from lower densities discovered by Drasin on an undeveloped roll of film.

From his early life exploring precognition to his career as a filmmaker documenting ufology — and most recently, his book publication — Drasin has always believed in the open inquiry of our physical senses and our greater reality. Drasin speculates: what if the established “cult of skepticism” no longer precluded us from embracing afterlife transition?

Daniel Drasin is a filmmaker and author of A New Science of the Afterlife.

Featuring: Daniel Drasin
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English