Psychedelic Journeys Into Galactic Creation

Is there a diamond light of consciousness and a singularity of galactic creation, which can be intentionally explored using psychedelic protocols?

Host Regina Meredith dives deep into the therapeutic, intellectual, and spiritual findings of Chris Bache, an author and theologian, who dared to embark on a psychedelic quest lasting two decades. Bache shares his excruciating LSD session methods inspired by Stanislav Grof and cautions against casual attempts by viewers at home. From meeting “The Great Mother” and witnessing an ocean of suffering to encountering principal beings responsible for creating the singular universe, Bache recounts his transformative journeys beyond egoic identity.

What if it’s possible to unravel the incarnations of a soul, from individual karma and collective trauma, to reach an energetic frequency stronger than the sun?

Featuring: Chris Bache
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English