Ancient Cave Systems of the Four Corners

Ancient Civilizations
S2:Ep732 minsMarch 13, 2018

The intricate tunnels and cave systems throughout the American Southwest have been used for sacred ceremonies and military programs alike. Piece together Hopi and Zuni folklore with eyewitness accounts to unlock the secrets of the four corners and its history of extraterrestrial influence.

A vast subterranean complex of tunnels and caves in the American Southwest holds great importance to indigenous people, extraterrestrial civilizations and secret military programs staged within the earthly hollows. Zuni and Hopi folklore tells us of the people who live in these grottos, which have long helped human civilizations to survive and thrive. They also tell us of powerful energetic nodes in the region that once served as sacred sites, but are now occupied by heavily armed military forces. Our experts try to unlock the secrets underlying the Four Corners region by examining folklore, eyewitness accounts and archeological discoveries which offers a retelling of human history with extraterrestrial connections.

Featuring: Gregg Braden, William Michael Mott, Graham Hancock, Freddy Silva, Billy Carson, William Bramley, Andrew Collins, Sonja Grace
Video Language: English