4 Seasons, 40 Episodes
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Since the dawn of time, the advancement of human civilization has been guided by an invisible hand. These unseen forces are interwoven throughout the fabric of every major institution, so that nearly every aspect of our world is carefully calculated to their benefit. But their time is coming to a close.

Season 1

David Wilcock consults a team of experts to help us transcend dominating paradigms by disclosing the enigma of our origins and the extent of the intricate exploitation of humankind.

Season 2

David Wilcock reveals how fear is used as a business model and exposes what the power elite are most afraid of you discovering about yourself.

Season 3

David Wilcock returns for seven special episodes of lost interviews, recovered from the depths of Gaia’s video vault. Find out what the power elite have been keeping from you concerning your own potential and the future of humanity.

Season 4

Pete Peterson discusses his early days of training in secret advanced technology programs, and the scientific discoveries that are still waiting to be released to the public.