Aquarius Radically Exposed

The sign of Aquarius has a strange duality in its nature. It could easily represent the apex of humanity holding on to high-minded ideals. However, that same fixed sense of ideology can manifest in ways that are not very ideological. To gain a better sense of what Aquarius is, we take a look at the lives of several Aquarians who have changed the world with their ideologies.

Next, we take a look at two of the most prominent shapers of the age: Darwin, who put forth the ideology of survival of the fittest and Ray Kurzweil who is championing the ideology of transhumanism. With the advancement of technology merging with biology we must be very keen on who we are and hold true to our values as human beings so as to not lose our humanity in the encroaching synthetic Aquarian Age.

Robert Phoenix exposes what it means to be an Aquarius and how we can hold on to our humanity as the synthetic Aquarian Age manifests through the pursuit of transhumanism, in this poignant program.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English