The Art of Astrology Part 2: Houses

Just as the constellations live in the ever revolving night sky, the signs of the Zodiac live in the ever revolving great wheel. The moment you set eyes upon your natal chart, the first thing you will see is a circle divided into 12 sections and the strange symbols placed within them. Those sections are called houses, and the symbols within those houses indicate the locations of signs and planets at the moment of your birth.

Thus your natal chart represents the astrological heavens at the moment of your birth and serves as a reflection of the life you are to lead. In order to learn what all of this means, you must first understand the foundation upon which it is all built: the twelve houses of the great wheel. Robert Phoenix takes us on a guided tour through each of the twelve houses to explain their meanings and planetary rulers, while revealing the evolutionary cycle of the great wheel.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English