Vibration, Resonance, & Your Past Lives

How do emotions create a thread of energy that connects past life experiences? Matias De Stefano awakened the memories of his many past lives, in ancient times that predated the dynasties of ancient Egypt. Sharing his thoughts on the nature of time, memory, and emotion, De Stefano explains how every moment resonates throughout the universe as a vibration that is stored as energy. When we remember the events of the past, we are also bringing back the emotional energy of that past life. As we learn to better tap into the coherence of our mind and body consciousness, we become better equipped to transmute the stress of a global transition.

Since early childhood, Matías De Stefano has had perfect past-life recall of incarnations spanning thousands of years throughout many galaxies. He is the host of the Gaia series Initiation, and the subject of the documentary series Journey of Remembering.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English