Psychic Crime Fighter with Robbie Thomas

Who can you turn to when a child goes missing and the police have exhausted all leads? Robbie Thomas has honed his psychic abilities in order to become a valuable asset to law enforcement. His assistance has helped them solve some of their toughest cases by leading them to locate missing and abducted children; many which have come home alive and well. Join him in this interview with Regina Meredith.

Robbie Thomas is a visionary who enjoys writing literature such as books, screenplays, and television shows. He has written eight books including, Signs from Heaven and Paranormal Encounters, and has contributed to four other books working with such notables as Award Winning Screenwriter Gloria Shepherd and retired International Chief of Police Kevin Smith. Thomas is also a psychic medium who assists with Law Enforcement and Families on murder / missing person's cases.

Featuring: Robbie Thomas
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish