Choosing Real Immunity: The Integrity of Our Immunity

Dr. Joe Dispenza divulges the stunning impact of both mother and father’s consciousness as sperm and egg unite to form an embryo. Mirror neurons, survival response, and generations of belief all play significant roles in the formation of our reality and subsequent immune function.

Cilla Whatcott expresses her quandary as she balances intention and surrender to heal herself of breast cancer. She interviews Dr. Tony Jimenez, medical director of the Hope4Cancer clinics, where she received her alternative treatment. Dr. Tony shares data about gratitude and its ability to actually raise immune function.

Also from the Hope4Cancer clinic in Mexico is Dr. Leslie Gomez who confirms how the experience of the mother and prior generations will imprint the child’s health for life unless open communication and resolution take place.

The integrity of our immunity depends on every cell communicating effectively with each other.

Featuring: Cilla Whatcott, PhD; Joe Dispenza, DC; Tony Jimenez, MD: Leslie Gomez, MD; Isaac Golden, PhD; Jeanne Ohm, DC
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English