Choosing Real Immunity: Levels of Consciousness

Love, fear, shame, anger, guilt, and other emotions all have a powerful effect upon our consciousness. In turn, our consciousness directs our own immunity. Based upon the work of Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, Bill McKenna provides an explanation of the levels of human consciousness. With shame, fear, and guilt on the lowest level and love being at the highest level, McKenna describes where entire countries operate as well as individuals. Hear the amazing fact that individuals at the level of “love” have the ability to counterbalance tens of thousands of those much lower on the consciousness scale.

Del Bigtree is captured in his quieter moments of reflection as he discusses the fear that encompassed him as the film Vaxxed was released. Producer/director Cilla Whatcott interviews Dr. Tony Jimenez as he describes how he calls upon wisdom and discernment before interfacing with patients each day. And Learn from Dr. Leslie Gomez how the original template of mother-child love contributes to our life-long level of consciousness and thus our innate immunity. We are all connected and healing the mother can have a tremendous effect upon the child.

The most successful healers share the attributes of love and non-judgment, thus raising the consciousness of others as they fulfill their calling.

Featuring: Cilla Whatcott, PhD; Bill McKenna; Del Bigtree; Tony Jimenez, MD; Lesie Gomez, MD
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English