Co-Creating a New Reality with Sperry Andrews

Before we can effectively connect in collective awareness, Sperry Andrews explains that we must learn to integrate the darker parts of our psyche into the whole. As we do this, humanity will learn how to bring even the most evil of people into our shared mind, with compassion. We must remember that everything in existence is a part of consciousness, and we need to learn to consciously attend to every aspect of the universe. As the collective of humanity sleeps, it is still co-creating our reality. Awakening the whole of human consciousness, with every aspect, allows us to consciously co-create a new reality for all.

Sperry Andrews has been Executive Director of the Human Connection Project, a scientific and educational research project designed to reinforce the underlying sense that human beings are innately psychologically and physiologically linked, even when in widely separate geographic locations.

Featuring: Sperry Andrews
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English