Conscious: Fulfilling Our Higher Evolutionary Potential

Is crisis pushing us toward a leap in consciousness? Can we live from an inner truth? Can we participate in the evolution of our own consciousness?

Inspired by the work of Sri Aurobindo, Conscious: Fulfilling Our Higher Evolutionary Potential asks about our potential to achieve a transformation in consciousness, which might be both inevitable and essential at this juncture in our development if we are going to continue the human journey within the cosmic advance.

Integrated with the film's theme, the story also follows the spiritual journey of a courageous woman who is dealing with a life-threatening illness. Conscious invites you to find a deeper meaning in our radically changing world. Journey with esteemed visionaries as they delve into science, the arts, love, and divinity to unveil our most profound human potential. Glimpse a deeper wisdom and a vaster consciousness. Resonate with a genuine sense for beauty.

Featuring: Brian Thomas Swimme, Stanislav Grof, Michael Murphy, Aster Patel, Ginny Neale, Larry Seidlitz, Bahman Shirazi, Shraddhavan, James Charles Hemry, Sean Kelly, Pravir Malik, Bronwen Merle, Binu Mukherjee, Fariba Bogzaran, Matthijs Cornelissen, Rebecca Farrar
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English