Contactee Abilities: Telekinesis & Teleportation

What if a four-year-old boy received the gifts of telekinesis and teleportation related to serial ET experiences throughout his childhood?

Jean-Charles Moyen, an ET contactee, is the writer/producer of “Revelations Starseed: 2,” a film documenting his personal account of serial ET contact throughout his childhood. Moyen shares the details of his experiences on-board ET craft, as well as 3D encounters on Earth with Greys and Men in Black. At sixteen, Moyen began exhibiting sensory interference with electro-magnetics before he began teleporting and then became a telekinetic conductor.

International scientists Dan Winter and Patrick Botte reveal results of psychometric tests on Moyen to determine why he was selected for serial contact and if his gifts were related to alpha peaks in his left brain. Is longitudinal coherence a marker shared by contactees and Tibetan monks alike?

Host: George Noory
Featuring: Jean-Charles Moyen
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English