The Enigma of Geoglyphs

In many places on our planet, men and women have left behind mysterious traces of impressive proportions: geoglyphs. The majority of these drawings have been erased by time, but some have crossed history to reach us. And if no one knows the names of their authors, they are all surrounded by mysteries and legends.

From the enigmatic Nazca lines in Peru to the great figures of the English countryside, we seek to uncover their secrets and decipher these symbols from another time. What drove these peoples to embark in the design of these huge figures? Why leave in the ground these messages that would cross the millennia?

Featuring: Harriet Vered, Katherine Barker, Soleded Mostacero Espinoza, Philip Carr-Gomm, Andrew Foley, Juan Carlos Heaton, Javier Vilca Ticuna
Audio Languages: English, French, English, French
Subtitles: English