Conscious Life Expo Talks 2019
1 Season . 26 Episodes TV-PG

See your favorite luminaries in action with live audiences recorded at the Conscious Life Expo 2019, only on Gaia.

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Talks are being released throughout the week!

See your favorite luminaries in action with live audiences recorded at the Conscious Life Expo 2019, only on Gaia. These sessions, lectures, and interactive workshops celebrate the conscious co-creation of a new world.

Explore new paradigms of science, spirituality, longevity, community, relationship, health, and well-being. This three-day gathering of the tribes allows us to focus and direct our creative intentions together.

Featuring: Steven Cotler
1 hr 20 mins TV-PG
Kaia Ra shares important angelic lightbody activations and helpful guidance for embodying your Higher Self in 2019.
1 hr 23 mins TV-PG
Robert teaches us about the origin of the soul, the nature of existence, and our relationship with extraterrestrial lifeforms.
1 hr 23 mins TV-PG
Ibrahim Jaffe, MD, integrates the secrets of Sufi spiritual healing with traditional western and complementary medicine.
1 hr 21 mins TV-PG
Grant discusses how consciousness is used in the operation of alien craft. The true nature of reality may be totally different than what we currently believe.
1 hr 10 mins TV-PG
Join Sue Morter in a powerful and inspired invitation into creating a dimensional shift in how we perceive reality and our purpose for being here.
1 hr 24 mins TV-PG
Join Erich for a fast-paced overview of some of the world’s great mysteries.
1 hr 2 mins TV-PG
Be guided through a mind-blowing visualization to a state of higher consciousness, where your old traumas are transmuted.
1 hr 38 mins TV-PG
This talk explores the nature of IDARF, the details of their deployments and the implications it will have on society when the world is awakened to its existence.
1 hr 13 mins TV-PG
Sonja Grace explains the medicine of each element and how they relate to you and the cosmos. Be prepared to travel beyond time and space into higher consciousness.
46 mins TV-PG
Explore the ancient mystery school traditions and keys to creating success from the inside-out.
1 hr 30 mins TV-PG
Anita delves deeper into the mysteries of life and leads participants on a journey to help uncover the roots of their own issues, whether health related or otherwise.
1 hr 13 mins TV-PG
Billy Carson delves deep into the fabric of space-time and Mandelbrot fractals, linking the wisdom of Thoth -Hermes and the Principle of As Above So Below with what modern science is just starting to rediscover.
1 hr 6 mins TV-PG
From the extreme security measures taken to secure an underground base to extra-terrestrial co-workers assisting him in surgery, Emery, with interviewer Paola Harris, dives into all details regarding his work underground.
1 hr 25 mins TV-PG
In this session, Bashar explains how we use the illusion of time to creatively navigate our path in life.
58 mins TV-PG
Author and speaker Teal Swan discusses why shame is not an emotion, but a biological affective reaction.
1 hr 31 mins TV-PG
The original “Rocket Man,” David Adair, shares his amazing life story.
1 hr 21 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Steven Cotler
The world is changing before our very eyes. How we use our new powers will determine our fate.
1 hr 58 mins TV-PG
Explore the new emerging physics that will transform the way you think, the way you see the world, and your relationship with yourself and to everything.
2 hrs 31 mins TV-PG
The source of consciousness has been a fundamental mystery since the beginning of time.
1 hr 30 mins TV-PG
Thomas John is one of the nation’s most coveted psychic mediums with influencers, A-list celebrities, and those at crossroads in life.
2 hrs 18 mins TV-PG
Ignite your power and retrain the mind to serve the authentic, soulful self and establish essential energy flow for healing and transformation.
2 hrs 22 mins TV-PG
Emery discusses the various genetic programs he was involved in during his time underground in the facilities.
1 hr 55 mins TV-PG
Billy Carson appreciates the dedication and hard work it takes to accomplish great things.
1 hr 24 mins TV-PG
In her 40 years of research, Paola Harris has discovered that the paranormal factor and the consciousness component are the most compelling parts of her UFO investigations.
1 hr 40 mins TV-PG
Assessing the most important development in UFO disclosure history.
1 hr 25 mins TV-PG
Discover ways you can anchor yourself into 5D, with minimal effort.