Exploring Pleiadian Life & Culture

If you could glimpse into the daily life of a Pleiadian, what do you think you would find?

Brit Elders, a UFO investigator and author, explores the mysteries of the Pleiades star system and its civilization. Through her extensive study, Elders has become aware of various facets of Pleiadian life. She offers a comprehensive understanding of the essence and values of these celestial beings, exploring aspects such as their technology, living environments, dietary habits, and fundamental beliefs.

Elders also sheds light on the profound fascination that Pleiadians have toward human existence. Despite their earnest desire to assist humanity on its path to ascension, Pleiadians maintain a respectful distance.

These advanced beings recognize the significance of allowing individuals to navigate their own evolutionary journeys which mirror the developmental trajectory of Pleiadian culture toward enlightenment.

Featuring: Brit Elders
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English