Energetic Battle for Humanity’s Soul

What if nihilism is a dark agenda of control made explicit by geopolitical events since 2019? Can we use free will to reverse this and heal humanity?

Energy intuitive and long-time Gaia guest Lee Harris channels “The Zs” in conversation with Regina Meredith. The co-authors discuss revelations from their upcoming book, “The Future Human,” based on recorded interviews between Meredith and “The Zs.” From technology addiction to polarization caused by algorithms, what is the toll isolation takes on lightworkers?

“The Zs” ask us to honestly examine softness and vulnerability with an open heart and higher mind, and to challenge the vibration of fear weaponized by accepted science. How can we tap into galactic consciousness, become guardians against false harmonization, embrace the cautious wonder of AI, and practice discernment in the shadow field created by the Internet?

Featuring: Lee Harris
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English