The Fats of Life with Udo Erasmus

Fats and oils may be the most misunderstood aspects of a healthy diet. Many of us are bewildered by conflicting messages on which fats are beneficial and which ones are not. Unwittingly we may continue to consume harmful fats or attempt to avoid all fats completely. Udo Erasmus cuts through the confusion and explains which fats our brains and bodies need and which ones can contribute to ill health.

Udo Erasmus, Ph.D. introduced the importance of essential fats (EFA's) derived from organic flax seeds to the world. Because of his commitment to the field of fats and oils, there are now a variety of high-quality, EFA-rich oils available in health food stores and dispensaries around the world. His methods for producing unrefined oils, made with health in mind, are still used today by manufacturers of flax and other oils.

Featuring: Udo Erasmus
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English