The Gift

Filled with laughter, compassion, quirks and surprises, The Gift comes straight from the heart. Two visitors from an advanced but humorless culture travel through space on an unsanctioned mission to earth, where they hope to show humans how to use the transformative power of a mysterious gift, brought to earth generations earlier.

They also hope to uncover the secrets of humans’ humor, providing plenty of laughs along the way, as they struggle to master the nuances of earth language and culture. Still, the surprising secret of the gift itself brings a heartwarming poignancy to this sweet fantasy.

Written and directed by Scott Cervine as an original production for the Spiritual Cinema Circle, The Gift is a triumphant celebration of cinematic storytelling.

Featuring: Scott Cervine, Cristine Hogsett, Courtney Cunningham, Karen Jones Meadows, Brooke March
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English