It was March 19, 1994, when Jose Escamilla discovered something flying in the skies unlike anything he’d ever seen before. He gave them the name of RODS when a nurse who saw the footage noted their resemblance to a form of bacteria that she had seen under the microscope.

He also called them “sky fish” because in the skies they swim as fish do in the oceans. Further, some days they appear in one section of the sky, while others days in different section – like fish, one day they’re biting in one section of a lake and other days in different areas. So the name skyfish took hold.

In Japan, they have made toy models of RODS calling them skyfish. This film presents the best RODS footage taken at that time over Roswell, New Mexico, in the Cave of the Swallow in Mexico, underwater footage and more.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English