Gregg Braden on Deep Truths Revealed

For three decades, Gregg Braden has been searching high mountain villages, remote monasteries, distant archeological digs and forgotten texts in search of mankind’s timeless secrets. He asks, “How can we make the greatest choices for our survival until we know the deepest truths of our existence?” He wrote his latest book, Deep Truth, because these are critical times; never has a generation been faced with so many crises all within the same window in time.

Gregg finds that society is stuck in outmoded ways of thinking because our media and educational institutions are failing to include the latest scientific discoveries in what they disseminate. He tackles our outdated myths head-on, including that nature is based on survival of the strongest or that war and competition are hard-wired into mankind. Cooperation, he insists, is a higher survival principle. And he points to excavations of civilizations twice as ancient as the ones we imagine to be the oldest, with elaborate cities that lack all evidence of war – no walls, no weapons, no mass graves. Looking at these ancient civilizations can reveal alternative approaches. In particular, he propose a heart-based solution that can unite and benefit all humankind.

Host: Lisa Garr
Featuring: Gregg Braden
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English