Identify Limiting Beliefs

In this enlightening lesson, you'll gain insights into your creator abilities and discover practical steps to enhance your manifestation skills.

Bruce H. Lipton introduces: ✓ "The Honeymoon checklist," offers a new perspective on how to create a sense of heaven on earth in your life. ✓ Three effective methods to reprogram your subconscious mind swiftly, allowing you to witness tangible results in your pursuit of abundance. (hypnosis, habit, super learning) ✓ Soul satisfaction by exploring the art of manifesting without succumbing to societal programming.

This lesson is a potent combination of practical guidance and a straightforward approach.

Home play: • List any beliefs that are limiting your progress & reframe the statements to a belief that supports your desire. An example of a limiting belief would be that I am not worthy of wealth, and a supportive reframe would be that I am worthy of wealth. • Read your reframed beliefs out loud before you go to sleep when your subconscious mind is in the theta state. Repeat your supportive beliefs faster and faster until you can’t speak them any faster. It takes 21 days to build a habit.

Host: Bruce H. Lipton
Audio Languages: English