Remove Emotional Blocks

Unravel the emotional barriers hindering your path to prosperity with bestselling author Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Dr. Bradley Nelson demonstrates a captivating exploration of the body's intelligence, unveiling a powerful strategy to liberate yourself from trapped emotions.

In this instructional lesson, prepare to: ✓ Gain remarkable insights into the nature of emotions and how they become entangled within the body's tapestry. ✓ Understand the intricate resonance of emotional baggage, its interference in our lives, and its potential to shape similar experiences or sabotage our endeavors. ✓ Uncover a transformative process, liberating yourself from stagnant energy and paving the way to abundance.

This approach offers a unique strategy to navigate and release trapped emotions and liberate yourself from the shackles of stagnant energy, unlocking the doors to abundant life.

Home play: • Look over the emotion code and do the exercise with a friend or do a muscle test using your fingers. • Write in a journal for five minutes on what you became aware of.

Host: Dr. Bradley Nelson
Audio Languages: English