11 Steps to Manifesting Abundance
1 Season . 11 Episodes TV-PG

11 lessons that tune you into the frequency of abundance, empower manifestation mastery, release limiting beliefs, strengthen your attractor field, and awaken your natural creative abilities.

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This curated guide is a transformative journey to tune into the abundance frequency. We meticulously hand-picked the most potent practices and relevant information from the world’s top experts in human potential to support you in creating wealth that transcends the material.

In this guide, you will: ✓ Explore the profound meaning of abundance from both spiritual and scientific perspectives. ✓ Create prosperity by identifying and understanding the barriers hindering your ability to create abundance.
✓ Enhance your manifestation potential through transformative practices. ✓ Tap into coherence and energetic alignment by immersing yourself in guided meditations. ✓ Unlock and amplify your superhuman abilities with empowering exercises. ✓ Accelerate your creative process as you embrace proven methods to expand your consciousness. ✓ Manifest your desired abundant life by building a comprehensive toolkit.

Choose your path: • Slow and deep: Focus on one lesson a week for 11 weeks • Swift and accelerated: Take one lesson a day for 11 consecutive days

It is recommended to: ✓ Use a journal for this course so that you can go back and review. ✓ Write down any shifts, synchronicities, and successes you experience to measure progress. ✓ Devote yourself to the process and watch the universal laws work in your favor.

16 mins TV-PG
Shift your consciousness to claim financial abundance with author Marisa Peer.
9 mins TV-PG
Jon Gabriel's meditation is a masterful blend of grounding techniques, soothing guidance, and ambient sounds that create a serene atmosphere. This lesson invites you to allow your mind to unfold with vivid imagery and bask in the warm, golden light of affluence.
21 mins TV-PG
Learn about the mystical inner workings of the universe with acclaimed scientist Gregg Braden.
15 mins TV-PG
Quantum leap into your future potential, where the possibilities are as limitless as the expansive field of consciousness with Researcher Dr Joe Dispenza.
31 mins TV-PG
Expand your heart's capacity and elevate your consciousness to new heights with the wisdom of Reverend Michael Beckwith as he leads you through an extraordinary meditation.
20 mins TV-PG
Reprogram your subconscious mind for abundance and beyond with renowned author Bruce H. Lipton, PhD. In this enlightening lesson, you'll gain insights into your creator abilities and discover practical steps to enhance your manifestation skills.
11 mins TV-PG
You have permission to let go of scarcity and change your life through the power of an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Clinical Psychologist Peta Stapleton, Ph.D. In this lesson, Dr. Peta Stapleton demystifies the complexities of your mind and offers a simple step-by-step process for rewiring your belief system.
24 mins TV-PG
Bill Mckenna, the visionary Founder of the Cognomovement Systems, illuminates the path to liberate yourself from deeply ingrained emotional patterns through the profound wisdom inherent in your eyes.
18 mins TV-PG
Unravel the emotional barriers hindering your path to prosperity. Dr. Bradley Nelson demonstrates a captivating exploration of the body's intelligence, unveiling a powerful strategy to liberate yourself from trapped emotions.
13 mins TV-PG
Explore ancient heart wisdom intertwined with groundbreaking scientific discoveries led by physicist Theresa Bullard.
35 mins TV-PG
Immerse yourself in this advanced meditation, opening the doors to your supernatural and superhuman abilities with esteemed researcher Dr. Joe Dispenza.