Insight Out: The Transformation of Out Of Body Experience

Characters from Stranger Things to Star Wars often use Out of Body Experiences to see people and places beyond the physical body, but is it just science fiction? Or is there truth to things such as astral projection or adventures beyond the body?

In 2014, Jade Shaw had a life-changing Out of Body Experience (OBE) that transformed her life. She left a 12-year career in the arts and her own company to explore the phenomena in her Transpersonal Psychology research. On her journey, she discovered others with similar experiences that had their lives altered in profound ways. Insight Out is a documentary that reveals these stories, challenges preconceived ideas about OBEs, and questions what we know about altered states of consciousness.

Is the Out-of-Body experience fact or fiction? Watch on Gaia as world-renowned experts weigh in on the discussion.

Featuring: Jade Shaw, Dr Penny Sartori, Dr Peter Fenwick, Dr David Luke, Anthony Peake, Dr Eben Alexander, Tom Campbell, Sergio Magana, Charlie Morley, Dr Susan Blackmore, Dr Steve Taylor, Graham Nicholls, Tim Freke, Rodrigo Montenegro, William Buhlman
Audio Languages: English, German, French
Subtitles: English, French, German