Interview with Rob Gauthier

Rob Gauthier was born in 1980, and in 2007 he went to a spiritualism church to get his life back on track. As a child he was blessed with psychic abilities but as he got older he digressed and so did the abilities. As he started learning from the great psychics in his area, he learned many things — including that experiences he had as a child were not figments of “just his imagination.”

He continued to learn more through his meditations and began the Hemi-Sync Gateway experience. After a couple years of working with his remembered abilities every day, he met Treb Bor yit-NE.

Throughout Rob’s journey he has been privy to new communications between new entities such as Aridif, an Ancient Pleiadian, Metatron, and many many more (such as in the book Galactic Humans, a book about 12 races of humanoids in the galaxy).

Featuring: Rob Gauthier, Reuben Langdon
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English