Jason Silva: We Are the Gods Now!

Conscious Life Expo Talks 2019 with Jason Silva
S1:Ep171 hr, 22 minsFebruary 2019Guest: Steven Cotler

The world is changing before our very eyes. Disruptive technologies are transforming humanity, expanding our range of possibilities beyond comprehension. Artificial intelligence, programmable biology, psychedelic psychotherapies, virtual reality are the precursors for a world built out of human imagination, a world where we engender our own divinity. How we use these powers will determine our fate.

Jason Silva is an Emmy-nominated and world renown TV personality, philosopher, filmmaker, and sought-after speaker and futurist. Jason is known for hosting 5 seasons of the Emmy-nominated, global hit TV series Brain Games and for his YouTube series Shots of Awe, with over 100 million views. On Brain Games, Jason gets inside your head and shows you what is going on in there with an intricate series of interactive experiments. In this session, he is interviewed by Steven Cotler.

Instructor/Host: Jason Silva
Featuring: Steven Cotler
Video Language: English