Leslie Feinberg on Neuro Modulation Technique

Leslie Feinberg’s NMT, Neuromodulation Technique, is one of the most elegant and efficient pathways to healing developed to date. Working with consciousness at the quantum level, NMT helps create clear communication between the cells of the body. By reinstituting proper communication between the cells, the natural healing systems of the body can progress without impediment.

NMT is directed at re-establishing the body’s innate capacity to heal. When illness happens, it is often a result of factors that confuse the body’s internal control center, the Autonomic Control System (ACS), making it impossible to regulate the body to a healthy state. Using NMT protocols, the practitioner works with the quantum healing forces of the body to gain cooperation from the areas of the body, mind and soul that have fallen out of communication.

Featuring: Leslie Feinberg
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