Everything that you say, think or do unto others directly affects the lessons you experience across lifetimes. This is the basis of karma, which is really an energy feedback process. Ultimately, understanding and coming to terms with your karma is essential to your spiritual growth. James Van Praagh reveals how to discover your karmic lessons before he offers spirit readings to a live studio audience.

A father brings through to an audience member, sharing memories and words from other family members that have passed on. They discuss mutual karmic lessons, health concerns and business advice. Grandfather Pete comes to Mariana recounts lessons from his life, including the karmic lesson of his losing a son. He talks about helping her to take a trip to Paris with her mother. A mother reaches out to her daughter, Tammy and her friend Carol. Their mothers were friends in life and remain close friends in the afterlife. Both friends are able to reconnect with family members that have passed on.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English