Yogic Paths
S1:Ep530 minsApril 2017

Karma yoga, the yoga of action, asks that you enact the teaching of Vedic philosophy in daily life. It is said that the sun is the most powerful teacher of karma yoga, giving to everyone day after day for millions of years, expecting nothing in return. It fulfills its purpose by using its gifts to provide selflessly to others.

In this episode of Yogic Paths, we will explore the beauty and meaning of karma yoga. Karma is both action and the result of action. What we are experiencing today is a result of our past and what we do today influences our future. Karma yoga teaches that everything we do should be in service to the positive evolution of the universe. Practicing karma yoga means understanding and following your dharma, which is using the innate skills you’ve been born with to help others, regardless of if you like or dislike what you are doing.

At its core, karma yoga is selfless action, but it is more than just service. While service can be performed without karma, karma yoga requires one to acknowledge and transform the attitude that is behind the service. It is through selfless action, a recognition that we are all one and that there is no difference between us and them, that you learn how to transform yourself and the world through karma. Living a life of seva, selfless service for the welfare of all, is the liberating path that is walked through the practice of karma yoga.

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