Love is the Best Medicine

On the Edge with Theo Chalmers
S1:Ep111 hr, 34 mins2009Guest: Len Horowitz

In part one, Len Horowitz explains how he got started on his research into emerging viruses and his discovery of laboratory created pathogens. The controversy stirs as the topics range from vaccinations and the increasing severity of flu epidemics to the great cultural cover-up of governmental involvement. In the end, he hints at a solution to these issues and how it is connected with spiritual transcendence.

In part 2 he explains that we are living in an environment of frequencies that are in dissonance with natural and healing frequencies. He shares the benefit of the love frequency of 528Hz, and how it can heal our body and soul when we resonate with this frequency. Ultimately, his message is one of hope and he offers practical solutions to connecting heart and mind for the benefit of all mankind.

Editors Note: The video quality of this program may not meet the same high standards we wish to maintain for Gaia. However, the information presented has such relevance, that we feel it is important to present it to you, as is.

Instructor/Host: Theo Chalmers
Featuring: Len Horowitz
Video Language: English