Overcoming Fear & Stress

Could living in a state of fear and stress be contributing to illness? Is there a link between stress and cancer? Can you heal your body through controlling your mind and breath?

In this episode, you’ll hear how Chris Wark went from fear-driven cancer patient to confident cancer survivor and thriver, using the power of nutrition and breaking negative thoughts and emotions. Through his anecdotal story, you’ll discover how your fear and stress affect your health, how it inhibits your immune system and can down regulate genes, and how your body was never designed to be in chronic fear and stress.

We’ll dive deep into how living in a state of stress can cause a negative physiological response in the body and how stress hormones inhibit the body’s ability to effectively use body fat as fuel. And we’ll teach you how to diminish fear and stress to regain power with breathwork, and various other lifestyle techniques, such as meditation, yoga, and daily rituals.

Featuring: Chris Wark, Bruce Lipton, Libby Weaver, Joe Dispenza, Josh Axe, Mark Hyman, Wim Hof, Ocean Ramsey
Audio Languages: English, German, Spanish, French
Subtitles: English, Spanish, German, French