Whether we know it or not, each one of us manifests every aspect of our lives, every day. However, the things we bring forth may not be wanted or useful. These unwanted manifestations can even sabotage our best made plans. James Van Praagh reveals the secrets to successfully aligning intention with manifestation before offering spirit readings to audience members.

James helps Christy to connect with her mother Carol who passed away without knowing it and shares memories of their time together along with a message of forgiveness. Leslie hopes to connect with her brother Todd, but her mother comes in strong. She offers messages of appreciation and lets her know how her recently passed father is doing. Karen has an emotional reconnection with her mother who offers a comforting message about the moment of her death.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
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S1:Ep6 44 mins TV-PG
Life after Death Video
S1:Ep7 46 mins TV-PG
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S1:Ep8 41 mins TV-PG